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Our Vision

Curiosity Robotics is committed to transforming early childhood education by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence technology.


We envision a world where every child, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to thrive in their educational journey.

Our Story

Starting Off

Curiosity Robotics emerged from intensive academic research and early hardware trials, including Fuzzy - our first prototype - used for research at Tel Aviv University's Curiosity Lab. For three years, we studied caregiver, toddler, and robot relationships to validate our vision's potential, patiently awaiting the market's maturity.

Starting January 2022, our trajectory shifted, molding Curiosity Robotics into its current form. With the introduction of Aico, we focused on preschools over homes, maximizing societal impact and economic feasibility. Today, we blend AI and pedagogy, sparking curiosity and marking a new era in early education, ensuring no child is left behind.

Backed by Science

Paired with TAU Curiosity Lab, and built around the work of our CSO, Prof. Goren Gordon, Phd & PhD, Curiosity Robotics' vision and aims are firmly grounded in modern educational science and technology.


We recognize and rely on the high adaptability of a child's brain during formative years, employing an AI-driven robot to enrich early cognitive, social, and emotional development. Reinforcing findings from educational technology research, we utilize interactive robots as practical tools for hands-on learning experiences, making abstract concepts tangible and boosting student engagement.

Supported by Helen Doron Pedagogy

Known internationally and trusted for over 30 years, Helen Doron's pedagogy is the support to each lesson plan. We take the core pillars of its success—fun, positivity, and natural language exposure - along with the materials that have proven successful in Helen Doron Learning Centres.

Our Journey

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