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<Hoff> The robot that will teach toddlers to speak English

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Curiosity Robotics is partnering with the Municipality of Tirat Carmel, the Department of Education, and the Educational Center, to announce that we are spearheading our Proof-of-Concept (POC) in Tirat Carmel, Israel.

Soft launching Aico into Preschool: The Hoff Feature

If you read Hebrew, read the publication by Hoff below. For the rest of us, here's a summary of the Tirat Carmel and Curiosity Robotics partnership they wrote!

The Original Article in Hebrew by Hoff about the Tirat Carmel, Ministry of Education, and Curiosity Robotic's partnership. It is accompanied by an image of buildings in the city of Tirat Carmel
The original article published by Hoff announcing the Partnership between Curiosity Robotics and Tirat Carmel

Establishing a Strong Partnership

Our initiative begins with the establishment of a robust partnership between Curiosity Robotics and the Municipality of Tirat Carmel. United by a shared vision and guided by the strong leadership of Mayor Aryeh Tal, we aim to equip every child in Tirat Carmel with a solid command of the English language by the time they enter school.

The Education Department and the Educational Center of the municipality have extended full cooperation towards achieving this goal, demonstrating Tirat Carmel's commitment to early childhood education and technological innovation.

"We are happy about the cooperation Curiosity Robotics and we believe that, beyond English, Aico and AI will be a catalyst for the development of future abilities for the children of the city." - Zion Sodri, Head of the Education Department in the City (translated)

The Foundation of our Approach

Curiosity Robotics brings together proven international pedagogy and state-of-the-art technology. The well-established Helen Doron method forms the foundation of our approach, while our proprietary AI and robotics solutions facilitate natural English acquisition from an early age.

"The tech here is designed to deal with the need to acquire English naturally at an early age, in order to prevent the difficulties that a lot of students in Israel and around the world face...We are excited about the cooperation with the City of Tirat is the best place to demonstrate Aico and her contribution to every toddler." - Yaron Bull, Chairman & Founder (translated)

A Proof Of Concept Initiative in Tirat Carmel

Tirat Carmel, with its strong emphasis on early education and commitment to technological innovation, was the ideal choice for the global launch of our POC. As part of the POC, Aico, our AI-powered social robot, will be introduced in day care centers across the city. Staff members will receive comprehensive training from our team to ensure the successful implementation of our solution.

"Beyond English, the robot and AI Yehon Zohar is a window to the development of future abilities for the city's children." - Zion Sodri, Head of the Education Department in the City (translated)

The Vision Beyond the POC

Upon successful completion of the POC, we anticipate extending our solution to thousands of daycare centers and kindergartens across Tirat Carmel and eventually, the country. Our broader vision is to impact early childhood education on a global scale, starting with Israel and expanding into Asia and Europe.

Our Purpose

Beyond teaching English, this project is a window into the development of future abilities for the children of Tirat Carmel. Curiosity Robotics is committed to improving developmental achievements and equipping the next generation with the necessary skills to succeed in a rapidly evolving world. This pioneering project in Tirat Carmel represents our first step towards achieving this global vision.

"Our ambition is that every child in the city will be able to start school with a solid foundation in the English language. " - Zion Sodri, Head of the Education Department in the City (translated)

Stay Curious with us: Join Our Journey

Join us in transforming early childhood education and shaping a brighter future for our children.

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